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Top Notch supports Project Labor Agreements (PLAs), which set terms and conditions of employment so that workers are treated fairly through the means of pay rates, work rules and established work resolution procedures. PLAs are commonly used in private and government contracts and have been used successfully to complete projects in the United States for more than 60 years. For more information on how a project labor agreement can impact your next project, please contact Top Notch at 317.927.0499.


Check out why PLAs WORK!

Indianapolis projects completed under PLAs:

  • RCA Dome

  • Circle Centre Mall

  • Conseco Fieldhouse

  • Lucas Oil Stadium

  • Indianapolis International Airport Expansion


PLAs offer:

  • Timely and successful project completion

  • An adequate supply of skilled craftsmen

  • Labor stability through proven grievance procedures and no-strike clauses

  • Uniform terms and conditions of employment



Top Notch supports tougher construction safety programs as jobsite priorities. Safety should permeate the fabric of every site and create a culture that demands buy-in at all levels, from the workers to top executives. Deaths and injuries can be prevented. Workplace safety is the priority on all union construction projects, and safety procedures and policies are implemented and explained before the first brick is put into place.



Top Notch supports Common Wage ordinances and laws, which are designed to help employees earn wages at or above poverty levels. Minimum wage standards allow companies to operate more efficiently by forcing them to attract better employees and retain them longer. Common wage ordinances also have contributed to the economic revival of decaying urban cities that are on the rebound. Studies also show that improving the quality of life for low-wage earners occurs with minor impacts to smaller businesses and decreased labor turnover.


U.S. businesses lose an estimated $200 billion each year in lost work time, decreased productivity, absenteeism, theft and other byproducts of substance abuse. Because on-the-job security is one of our top priorities, Top Notch supports drug testing to ensure safety on all work sites.

With 12,500 union members and two percent failure rate, the Indiana Union Construction Substance Abuse Trust offers the largest, and one of the most successful, substance abuse programs in Central Indiana. For more information about the IUCSAT program, please visit the IUCSAT Website at



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