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Proudly Representing the Indiana Union Construction Industry Since 1976

What is Top Notch?

Top Notch proudly represents more than 75,000 union tradesmen throughout Indiana, as well as the 4,000 union contractors who employ them. Top Notch fosters partnership between labor and management. From safety discussions, community outreach programs, diversity initiatives to the development of a substance abuse program for the Indiana union construction industry, labor and management in Indiana have worked in tandem under the Top Notch umbrella for four decades.  Scores of business agents and contractors have met at the Top Notch table over the years to discuss initiatives that could improve their job sites and the industry as a whole.

Our Mission

Top Notch is the one association representing all sectors of Indiana’s Union Construction Industry.  Top Notch promotes and advocates the value and cost-effectiveness of its members that make up Indiana’s highly trained and skilled construction industry.  Top Notch leads, coordinates, communicates, educates and unifies key associations and labor groups within the Indiana Union Construction Industry. 

Our Board of Directors


Management Representatives

Roger Meyer, Hagerman Construction

Evan Frazer, B & E Painting

Bill Fyffe, Bowen Engineering

Greg Fuller, North Mechanical

Greg Gossett, ERMCO, Inc.

Lora Gandy, United Air Works

Mike Kerr, F.A. Wilhelm

Jack Lautenschlager, Charles C Brandt 

Dave Santarossa, Santarossa Mosaic & Tile Co

John Abbott, Circle B. Co.

Bill Sewall, AECOM Hunt

Carl Schultz, Performance Contracting

Mitch Denton, Pepper Construction

Mark Riffey, FE Moran

Jon Huston, Huston Electric

Scott Bullerdick, Ben Hur Construction

Lance Gassert, Garmong Construction

Chris Quinn, MCA

Ted Uppole, NECA

Bob Hargate, Drywall Contractors Association

Rick Wilhite, Elevator Contractors Association

Julia Saltsgaver, Quality Connection


Labor Representatives

Todd Albertson, Elevator Constructors #34

Jason Smith, Insulators Local #18

Dave Willis, Boilermakers Local #374

Steve Knowles, Bricklayers #4

Brian Smith, Roofers Local #119

Ward Daniels, Laborers Local #120

Christos Darzentas, Painters Local #47

Jon Hooker, Central Indiana Building Trades

Ron Morin, Plasterers Local #46

Chad Scott, Sprinkler Fitters Local #669

John Ballard, Operating Engineers Local #103

Jeff Wheeler, IBEW Local #481

Andre Grocox, Indianapolis Electrical JATC

Trent Todd, Sheet Metal Workers Local #20

Don Bough, Plumbers and Fitters Local #440

John Whitaker, Iron Workers Local #22


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